At SLJ Company, LLC we leverage our in depth knowledge of the local markets to identify trends which lead to improving fundamentals for commercial real estate.  These market trends often include shifting demographics, changing traffic patterns and increased tenant demand.  Once a targeted area is identified, we focus on uncovering “off market” or undervalued opportunities that have the potential to significantly appreciate through repositioning, and use our vast experience and expertise to create long-term value. 


We also concentrate on “infill” properties that are underutilized and implement targeted strategies to help them reach their full potential.  Whether a property’s problems are vacancy, poor lease structures, or deferred maintenance, we possess the know-how to address these needs in an efficient cost effective manner. Additionally, we work with expanding retailers to find the best sites in their targeted market and either convert existing properties or develop a new building to meet their needs.   

case studies

7 Eleven Ground Lease

PetSense Conversion

Williams Chicken Conversion

White Rock Town Center Redevelopment



SLJ works with expanding retailers, restaurants and medical groups to find the best locations in targeted submarkets.  We then provide comprehensive tenant-driven development services,   including site selections, feasibility analysis, entitlements, site acquisition, site preparation and construction services.  We view the tenant as our customer and our goal is to provide outstanding customer service by delivering the best site and right building on time and on budget.    


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Through owning hundreds of properties, SLJ set its self apart from other investment sales brokers by having firsthand knowledge of the intricacies of commercial real estate investments.  This operational experience allows us, through the valuation process, to uncover hidden potential and achieve results that can exceed our client’s initial expectations.  In addition to listing properties, SLJ also helps its clients source available properties, many of which are “off market”, and can give a buyer the opportunity to find value with less competition.            



We develop an in-depth knowledge of a tenant’s expansion strategy and then produce a detailed market analysis using state-of-the-art mapping and demographic information.  We use this information to determine how a retailer can out position its competition to maximize the expansion strategy.



As owners of commercial real estate, we understand how important it is to fill a property with the right mix of complementary tenants.  We understand how a lease transaction needs to be structured to provide landlords with the long-term value proposition they need.  The right tenant balance can make both the landlord and tenant stronger in the long run, and our extensive tenant and broker relationships allow us to quickly and proactively find the tenant who will be the best fit for the space.  Since we are landlords too, we know that time is money and that is why we fill spaces quickly and efficiently.